SMARTER Training School on Controlling Common Ragweed by Vegetation Management – summer 2015

Take the opportunity to learn how to investigate the efficacy of vegetation management to control common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia). The Training School takes place 27 Jul – 1 Aug 2015 in Vienna, Austria, and Munich/Freising, Germany. You will be trained by skilled researchers and visit several ongoing experiments in the middle of the ragweed season.

Objectives: The Training School is aimed at developing skills on designing, performing, analysing and evaluating mowing/cutting experiments, with and without competition, for the control of common ragweed. Learn how to measure and analyse the most relevant response variables for control efficacy, and how to quickly evaluate field experiments with respect to efficacy in harming spontaneous ragweed populations.

Participants: The Training School is targeting young scientists and professionals involved in ragweed control. Maximum number of participants: 10.

Grants: COST SMARTER offers grants to eligible participants.

Applications are accepted until 26 April 2015.  Click here for details on the program and application procedure.