Risks of non-target attack by Ophraella communa: poster at Neobiota 2014 conference


This poster by Peter Tóth, Stéphanie von Bergen & Heinz Müller-Schaerer was presented at the Neobiota 2014 conference held in Antalya, Turkey, November 2-8 2014. (Pdf 5,3 MB)

The Ambrosia leaf beetle (Ophraella communa LeSage, Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) mainly feeds on ragweeds, especially Ambrosia artemisiifolia. Recently, during the summer 2014, the species was found to feed as larva and adult under field conditions on Artemisia vulgaris L., Helianthus annuus L., H. tuberosus L., Inula graveolens (L.) Desf., and Xanthium strumarium L.

O. communa is regarded as a successful biological control agent against A. artemisiifolia in China, but the picture is not straightforward. The present study suggests that additional experiments are needed to assess the impact and the risks of non-target attack by this potential biological control agent under field conditions.